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Biohacking, nootropics, and the notion of optimizing one's human performance are on a rapid rise. Nootrobox founders Geoffrey Woo and Michael Brandt are some of the foremost thinkers in this space, and they are here to have intellectual conversations that will make you THINK every Monday.


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Feb 27, 2018

As wearables increasingly rise in popularity (the market is expected to double in 2021), users will have to choose carefully what they decide to invest in and for what reason. You only have enough human "real estate" for one smartwatch, for one pair of smart glasses, and for one set of smart earphones. The Oura Ring, in contrast, takes up only one finger and is capable of continuously tracking your heart rate, breathing variance, and body temperature in order to bring you longitudinal data that will enable you to gain restorative, impactful sleep.

Petteri Lahtela, the CEO of Oura Ring, joins us this week to share the cutting-edge technology behind the ring and its implications beyond sleep. Is one finger really a better sensor point than the entire wrist (ala Apple Watch)? What else can heart rate variability tell us about the performance and state of our bodies? How can we use information from multiple biosignals to optimize sleep? We discuss and ponder over it all in this hour-long episode.




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