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Biohacking, nootropics, and the notion of optimizing one's human performance are on a rapid rise. Nootrobox founders Geoffrey Woo and Michael Brandt are some of the foremost thinkers in this space, and they are here to have intellectual conversations that will make you THINK every Monday.


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Feb 9, 2018

It's time to switch things around! In this special episode, Geoff is put on the hot seat as Peter Bowes interviews him about biohacking, fasting, and nootropics. Original episode description below:

The enhancement of the human body is the main goal of Geoffrey Woo, a biohacker and entrepreneur based in San Francisco. He sees the human body as a quantifiable and manipulable system, and the next platform for innovation and growth. The evolving science behind nootropics, which are legal compounds designed to improve cognitive function, has become big business in Silicon Valley. Along with his employees, he is also an enthusiastic proponent of fasting, Together, they have built a vibrant community of like-minded followers, known as WeFast. They regularly deprive themselves of food, in the pursuit of good health and longevity. In this in-depth interview, Geoffrey shares his enthusiasm for biohacking and explains why he believes everyone will be fasting within the next two years.

Disclaimer: This interview is from the LLAMA Podcast by Peter Bowes. The podcast explores the science and stories behind human longevity. Check it out at and follow @llamapodcast!