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Biohacking, nootropics, and the notion of optimizing one's human performance are on a rapid rise. Nootrobox founders Geoffrey Woo and Michael Brandt are some of the foremost thinkers in this space, and they are here to have intellectual conversations that will make you THINK every Monday.


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Jul 16, 2019

A classic, popular fitness goal is achieving 10% body fat.

What if you’re already sitting at an impressive 8% body fat...with the goal of getting to 4% for a contest or photo shoot? What else could one possibly do to get leaner?

This is the level of fitness our guest this week, Menno Henselmans, has expertise in. With a Huffington Post #1 ranked fitness and nutrition website, Menno is a popular bodybuilder, coach, model, and researcher. Similar to our host Geoffrey Woo, Menno is data-driven and applies his background in advanced data analytics to human performance.

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • Important nutritional and metabolic factors for fat burning and muscle building
  • How an athlete can incorporate intermittent fasting into training
  • The advantages of exercises that promote freedom of movement


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