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Biohacking, nootropics, and the notion of optimizing one's human performance are on a rapid rise. Nootrobox founders Geoffrey Woo and Michael Brandt are some of the foremost thinkers in this space, and they are here to have intellectual conversations that will make you THINK every Monday.


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Jul 31, 2018

How does one perform at peak capacity in life or death situations on an ongoing basis? This is the life of a special operator in the military, where an unbreakable mind and body is imperative for survival and success.

In his podcast debut, we sit down with the person responsible for founding Seal Team 7: Ret. Navy Seal...

Jul 24, 2018

The Tour de France is a tense, three-week long cycling race between a total of 176 riders covering more than 2,000 miles. It truly is one of the greatest athletic tests in all of sports.

There’s a great deal of history here, with this year being the 105th race. With any world-class competition that spans decades, you...

Jul 17, 2018

Can psychedelic therapy transform the way we approach mental health issues?

The discussion around psychedelic therapy has started to move from the niche and hippy into the mainstream in recent months with people like writer Michael Pollan opening up the conversation around the potential of psychedelics through the lens...

Jul 10, 2018

How does a doctor approach intermittent fasting for the first time?

Dr. Molly Maloof is the Head of Medical Science at Sano Intelligence, a continuous glucose monitoring startup. But she also runs a private practice serving the Silicon Valley. We last spoke with Dr. Maloof about a year ago and since, she has...