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Jun 12, 2018

Imagine yourself breathing through a straw as you run a marathon.

Would you be able to finish?

That’s an experience Russell Winwood, an athlete who has been diagnosed with COPD (an obstructive chronic lung disease), has dealt with for years. Instead of being at the mercy of his condition, Russell used his diagnosis to turn his life around and continue pushing himself to the next level.

Russell incorporates many strategies, such as following a ketogenic diet, supplementing with ketone esters, and fostering a healthy mental state to help him retain an active lifestyle...even with his lungs operating at 25% capacity.


In this discussion, you'll discover:

  • Russell’s experience with the ketogenic diet and ketone esters to help his lung function.
  • His mindset during the tough times his lungs are straining during a race.
  • What COPD is, and what the future holds for COPD research and medicine.


Check out Russell here:


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